Hi! My name is Pär Gustafsson and I am a junior 3D and VFX Artist currently residing in Enköping, Sweden. I finished my university education with a bachelor degree in computer science last year and I am now looking for work in the visual effects industry.

As I have always had a genuine interest in both graphics and technology, having done quite a lot of programming and web development, I developed a fond interest in 3D graphics a couple of years ago. When the time came to select university education I found a program called "Creative Programming" (nowadays reformed and changed to "Creative Computer Graphics") at the University of Gävle that seemed perfect because it combined art with computer science.

In the latter half of this education we started having courses in post-production, an area that I never before had been in contact with on a greater scale. The projects on these courses were a real eye-opener for me. Being part of a VFX pipeline and enjoying such tasks as match moving and node-based compositing on different types of shots awakened a new kind of interest: visual effects. The technical and artistic challenge of match moving or building a composite, preferably node-based, was a natural next step and is a great addition to working with 3D.

Check out my showreel and resumé!

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