Everything made by me if not expressed otherwise (*).
All 3D work rendered with Mental Ray.


Realistic modeling and animation of a human hand.


A project with the sole objective to achieve a realistic rendering. Modeled using still photos from different angles as reference. Additional tweaks such as lens distortion and vignette were made afterwards to further mimic the look of a real photo.

AK5 assault rifle

Modeling of the Swedish assault rifle AK5 for a visualization project using still photos from different angles as reference. The rest of the weapon was modeled by another group member (not shown here).

Office hallway

Made for a character animation project.

Tree creature*

A short film project where I did match moving, set up render passes and composited several shots. Tweaks made on this shot include light wrap and chromatic aberration to better integrate the creature into the footage.

Ayers rock

Part of my thesis project on 3D compositing. Made entirely in the compositing application using image planes, 3D projections and displacement. Made from one still photo, satellite images and a green screen sequence.

Forest creatures*

Another shot from the short film project mentioned above.